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Rubin left Google to form Android phone maker Essentialbut then in November launched startup incubator Playground Globalwhich has a focus on robotics.

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Robotics investor Andy Rubin: Everything is going to get legs

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Nov 29,  · Essential founder and CEO Andy Rubin has taken a leave of absence from his new company for “personal reasons” following a report on the circumstances of his departure from Google.

Steve Jobs did not like Android, or the guy who ran it, Andy Rubin, according to a new book on the Google-Apple smartphone wars. Jobs told friends that he thought Rubin was a "big, arrogant f--k.

Bidding for the Panthers has reportedly reached $ billion, pushing Fanatics owner Michael Rubin -- and potential minority partners Stephen Curry and Sean Combs -- to the sideline for now. Andrew Harold Rubin was born in the seaport town of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

His father, Simon, owned a furniture and bedding factory and his mother, Leona (nee Greenstone) was an artist and international travel Jun 22, Andy Rubin's gadget startup, Essential Products, is considering a sale and has halted the development of a second phone, Bloomberg reports.

Rubin co-founded Android before Google bought it in

Andy rubin
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