Should drug addicted mothers be sterilized

Those who work with addicts say these men and women are desperate and incapable of making an important decision. Male addicts are eligible, too — about 47 have taken money to undergo vasectomies. Finding homes for crack babies is also probably in their job description Social workers have a vested interest in the problem getting bigger, not smaller I'd also like to see this program offered to welfare mothers.

While the intention of sterilization may not be to breed out certain characteristics from the human gene pool, it has that unfortunate side-effect. Slippery slope arguments can get a little silly, but given the tenuous connection between drug use and poor infant health outcomes and the continued insistence on prosecuting women who used drugs while pregnant, is it really so ridiculous to think that over-zealous prosecutors might go after women for other "bad behaviours" while pregnant?

Child Custody & Loss of Parental Rights From Drug Abuse

But reproductive rights still take the forefront of the matter, as well as the Supreme Court case I mentioned earlier which makes it illegal to use sterilization as a punishment.

So not only are poor pregnancy outcomes complicated by lots of other issues from which it's impossible to separate out the drug use itself, but drug-addicted pregnant women are often at risk in other ways, and the knowledge that they will be prosecuted for being addicts makes them less likely to seek out things like prenatal care and nutritional help, which have far greater impacts on a developing foetus.

According to Court Appointed Special Advocates CASA of Arizona, Arizona allows child protective services workers or law enforcement officers to remove a newborn exposed to illegal substances from the home if the child is: Critics call the program eugenics.

As for the mothers that do stay clean, we have given them a new chance at life and are giving their babies a chance to have a healthy relationship with their mother. Women who are prosecuted under these laws tend to be poor, rural and often of colour. I don't see this as eugenics.

I was suggesting that the moral logic that socialists are twisting to entice "conservatives" is famliar to the tactics used in Nazi Germany eugenic policies. But criminalising behaviour doesn't achieve that goal.

Those who work with addicts want to ensure a next generation of addicts to justify the social workers continued employment. We have a social worker on site that can get these mothers into the services they require.

Child abusers of course do not have the same protection under law as a drug-addicted woman does. It turns out that the real neglect occurred in foster care for 8 months after birth. The policy was justified as a 'cost saver,' but it has been argued, the policy served to prepare the populace to accept, morally speaking, 'later steps.

I have as of yet to find any laws on the books about forced abortion in cases of drug addiction, though I wish to learn more. It is powerful, raw, and emotional. This is an immoral thing to force on someone and actually an illegal act.

Drug Use During Pregnancy

I do realize the merits of such a program but I have yet to be convinced that this is not a violation of several human rights and legal laws. If that is the case, they are also incapable of raising children.

Many of these children must remain in the hospital for two to three weeks following birth.

Pregnant Drug Users Face Criminal Prosecution, but Doctors Say That’s a Mistake

In any case, it's not the clinics who are paying the addicts to be sterilized. Maybe they should focus on providing the treatment these women need before implementing laws that will only serve to put addicts in jail.

These women are very willing to be controlled because they see that as love, so they let bad people control them.Jan 06,  · But the offer is intended for a specific group: drug-addicted men and women. ''Get birth control, get cash,'' the flier reads. ''If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol then this offer is for.

Posted on March 10, in alcohol and drug addiction. Child Custody and Mother’s Addiction. Mina’s parents do a lot for their daughter these days, and she’s incredibly fortunate that they offer. Other areas are more gray, like older mothers having an increased risk for birth defects, certain cultures having overly large families, and drug-addicted mothers damaging the fetus.

By preventing still-fertile mothers from fertilizing their old eggs and mandating the use of younger eggs, we could decrease the number of birth defects.

Apr 17,  · Last August, she gave birth to drug-addicted twins, and California's Child Protective Services took the infants, as well as Chavarria's three other children, into custody.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers for Pregnant Women

As with other addicts, the road to recovery for Chavarria began with counseling and a drug-rehabilitation program. Jun 17,  · Best Answer: It's optional. No one is forced into doing this against their will. An addict as we all know have only one priority, drugs!

People are paid to donate sperm or eggs so I don't see any issue with drug addicts paid to be sterilised. The only issue I do foresee is that addicts do recover from Status: Resolved.

Jul 29,  · Should there by financial incentives for drug addicts to get vasectomies or tubal ligation? Or to use birth control until they're in a better condition to raise children?

Should drug addicted mothers be sterilized
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